BSc in Ocean Science and Technology
(BSc in OST


The BSc Ocean Science and Technology aims to train students with comprehensive foundational understanding of the cross-disciplinary ocean science and technology and to provide knowledge and first-hand experience in the latest scientific and technological development related to investigating, conserving and managing ocean resources. This contemporary UG program will cover a variety of new courses in different aspects of ocean science, which includes:

  • Foundation: Biological, chemical and physical processes, ecosystem functions;
  • Technology: Instrumentation, data management, pollution tracking;
  • Applications: Marine biotechnology, pollution bioremediation;
  • Socio-economy: Conservation and management of marine resources, fisheries.

Career Prospects and Career Training 

Globally, the importance of the marine environment in the provision of natural resources and services to the human society will continue to increase. In Hong Kong, as a coastal city within the biologically diverse Western Indo-Pacific region, the demand for talents and professionals in the public, NGOs and private sectors is higher than ever due to the need to conserve our marine environment amidst urban development. Students of the BSc Ocean Science and Technology program will be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to engage higher studies and career paths in a number of sectors related to the investigating, conserving and managing ocean resources, including but not limited to: 

  • Scientific research in academic institutions,
  • Research and development in the private sector, 
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Ocean exploration,
  • Environmental consultancies,
  • Government agencies, and environmental NGOs. 


Please refer to the website of the university's Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Office, URAO for details of the admission requirements and application procedures. 


Students with excellent academic performance will be awarded a scholarship from OCES.
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