06 May 2021
OCES Logo wins 2021 Communicator Awards of Distinction
23 Feb 2021
Prof. Peiyuan Qian and his research team decodes a deep-sea vent-endemic snail hologenome and unveils its living strategies in the extreme environment
20 Feb 2021
OCES and LIFS Undergraduate Students Received the Most Birds Seen 2nd Runner Up in the Big Bird Race Award 2021 (Professional Teams)
09 Feb 2021
Prof. Jiying Li and her collaborators evaluate the impact of the benthic invaders control the phosphorus cycle in the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem
22 Dec 2020
Championship of the HKIE Best Final-Year Environmental Project 2020
4 May 2020
OCES and CBE Undergraduate Students received HKUST President’s Cup - Silver Award