14 Oct 2021
Prof. LIU Hongbin and His Research Team Show Growing Dominance of Diatom Algae in the Pearl River Estuary, Paving the Way for Future Study on Diatom Blooms
27 Jul 2021
Prof. QIAN Peiyuan and his research team have unravelled the genomic riddles of the tubeworms that thrive deep in the ocean, paving the way for previously unthinkable biological applications
28 Jun 2021
OCES Student Project Team Received 2nd Runner Up in the Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE) Project Award Scheme 2021
06 May 2021
OCES Logo wins 2021 Communicator Awards of Distinction
23 Feb 2021
Prof. Peiyuan Qian and his research team decodes a deep-sea vent-endemic snail hologenome and unveils its living strategies in the extreme environment
20 Feb 2021
OCES and LIFS Undergraduate Students Received the Most Birds Seen 2nd Runner Up in the Big Bird Race Award 2021 (Professional Teams)