Welcome to the Department of Ocean Science!

Our new Department of Ocean Science (OCES) was established under the School of Science with effect from 1 February 2018.

The Department plays a significant role in ocean science research and education at local, regional and international levels. We aim to lead in understanding ocean science and technology, from foundation knowledge to applications in marine conservation, global climate change, management of marine resources, socio-economy, and sustainable development.

Our faculty is committed to excellence in both research and education, and our academic programs are extensive and growing. We offer full-fledged educational programs: undergraduate (BSc), taught-based postgraduate (MSc), and research-based (MPhil and PhD) degrees. These programs aim to explore ocean science and technology from different perspectives and at different levels (local, regional and international), as well as to train experts in different capacities (academia, private and public sectors). If you are a prospective student, come and join us!

Peiyuan QIAN

Department Head
David von Hansemann Professor of Science
Chair Professor