10 Oct 2019

Seminar Title: Drug discovery in the new era: anti-biofilm agent as a new weapon in antimicrobial warfare

Speaker: Miss LONG Lexin (Supervisor: Prof. QIAN Peiyuan)

Date: 10 October 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 5:00 pm – 5:50 pm
Venue: Room 4502 (lift no. 25-26), HKUST

Biofilm as a resistant form of microorganism causes great problems to human health and various industries. To tackle biofilm, control strategies are urgently needed. Throughout history, natural products have been a major source of new drugs. Among these drugs, the bioactive compounds isolated from Actinobacteria account for the largest proportion. Therefore, through the screening of natural products from Actinobacteria, we aim to discover strong antibiofilm candidates. Bioassay-guided isolation was employed and elasnin was consequently isolated from the secondary metabolites of Streptomyces mobaraensis DSM40847 with a yield of 332 mg/L on average. As demonstrated by various in-vitro assays against single populations, elasnin can specifically inhibit the biofilm formation and eradicate mature biofilm of extensive Gram-positive bacteria at concentrations below 2.5 μg/ml with nonlethal effects. Field test further revealed that Elasnin can also inhibit the formation of multi-populational biofilms and the attachment of large biofouling organisms. In summary, this talk will mainly focus on the development of antibiofilm agent and highlight the discovery of a potent bacteriostatic antibiofilm compound elasnin.

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