06 Jan 2020

Seminar Title: In vivo bioimaging the biological fate of silver nanoparticles in aquatic organisms

Speaker: Mr YAN Neng

Date: 6 January 2020, Monday
Time: 2:30pm
Venue: Room 2302 (Lift no. 17-18), 2/F Academic Building, HKUST

AgNPs have been widely applied in our daily life because of their antibacterial properties, and may be eventually released into the surrounding environment, presenting potential hazards to aquatic organisms. However, the toxic mechanisms of AgNPs towards aquatic organisms is largely known. In the present study, we proposed a novel AIE method by coupling the fluorogenic Ag+ sensor with AIE-AgNPs, which enabled simultaneous differentiation of AgNPs and the Ag+. On basis of this, we achieved the real-time monitoring of the dissolution processes of AgNPs in aquatic organisms, their distinct distribution patterns with the Ag+ as well as the transportation between different organs. Considering the toxic effects of AgNPs, we have also applied the novel AIE method for the investigating the potential trans-generation of AgNPs in Daphnia. We demonstrated that AgNPs and Ag+ could be transferred from mother to fetus with distinct distribution patterns. Further, we achieved noninvasive real time monitored the fate of AgNPs and Ag+ at cellular level and identified the Trojan toxic effect of AgNPs towards the cells. Conclusively, Ag+ released from AgNPs was the major mechanisms that leaded to the toxicity, which could be transported to mitochondria and potentially lead to the dysfunction of mitochondria.

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